Prepare for India!

This is the first entry of a visual journal of our first trip to India. We leave on February 20 and return home March 23 to New York. I chose this image of the blue hand as a symbolic welcome to India from Krishna. In the Hindu tradition, he is the cosmic lover and flute player with skin the color of the sky. His love of Radha and her love for him inspires people all over the world. There are many stories of their playful interactions and devotion. When I made this encaustic (an ancient form of painting with pigmented, melted wax) image, I was not thinking of Krishna! Now in retrospect, it feels like a prediction of Ned’s and my love for chanting. The birds are free flying and unbound just as we feel when we chant together. We hope on our travels to discover and feel these qualities of love and freedom! The music that is underlying the image is an actual handwritten copy from Ned’s Dad, Hart.

Go to my website: to view other encaustics and artworks.

Go to our website: for information about our new cd,featuring sacred chants and a booklet with explanations and related artwork connected to the chant themes.

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5 thoughts on “Prepare for India!

  1. So looking forward to enjoying your discoveries!

  2. Fran

    Thanks for touching base before your trip–I look foward to your stories, pictures, and video clips and hope you will make it a mission to get close to some animals and send them my love.

  3. Chris Lawrence

    Great news of your impending trip … I’m sure it will be like going to another planet that is both familiar and astounding.
    Please keep us posted via links to your blog as you sojourn across that huge continent. Travel safely, be well, our fondest love for you both, Chris and Brenda

  4. Phyllis

    What a beautiful blog. Bon voyage to you both on all levels!!…….xo Phyllis

  5. Suzi

    enjoying your pics of a world so different than here. Like following your journey – it makes me breathe properly !! Love Suzi

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