Offerings along the Ganges

When we arrived at Varanisi, we checked into our hotel and then got onto a boat to be rowed along the Ganges. Our guide arranged for us to have live music playing as we greeted the Ganges for the first time. Very magical. The ragas were for the sunset.

We bought these little “flower boats” with candles in them to float in the river. We offer them with a prayer. The “boat” is made of large leaves so that when it sinks, it is biodegradable. It is so beautiful to see the little “boat” offerings by everyone floating in the water.

We sat on the boat to see this ceremony that was on the steps leading to the river (which are called ghats). The ceremony is a blessing of light performed with fire and chanting.

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3 thoughts on “Offerings along the Ganges

  1. This is so magical! I love see pictures of what you’ve seen!

  2. judy Leavitt

    How great your trip seems. It is wonderful to receive your photos and comments. What a journey!
    Love, Judy

  3. Nancy

    You both look so beautiful and light-filled. XO.

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