Dawn Tulsi Das Ghat, Varanasi

This small group of temples is at the entrance to the dwelling of TulsiDas. He is revered for his compostion of the Hanuman Chalisa, a very sacred Hindu text. Chalisa means forty and Hanuman is the monkey God who represents devotion. The Ramayana (which was translated into Hindi by Tulsi Das) describes how Hanuman rescues Sita, the wife of Ram, from the evil demon, Ravena, who had captured her. When the Hanuman Chalisa is chanted, it brings blessings on those who sing it and those who are present even if they don’t sing! Many Hindus learn it by heart and there are many recordings of it as well.

This is another view of the small temples to show the giant tree growing next to them. The tree is sacred and considered a temple in that one cannot walk by it with shoes on. Also offerings are made at the base of the tree, such as prayers, flowers, red powder, as well as a touch to the tree and then to the person’s heart or forehead (or both). Threads are tied around it and decorative cloths, banners, and flags. If someone.like an ignorant Western person, for example, walks by forgetfully with shoes on, people will yell at them in Hindi! But we were spared that because we were carefully instructed by our guide to be respectful and to follow the rituals. We have seen many trees like this at the entrances to temples.

A small cup is under the bell where visitors take a dab of red paste to anoint their third eye before entering the door that leads up to the room of Tulsi Das. Of course, shoes are also removed.

An offering of flowers on a step at Tulsi Ghat.

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2 thoughts on “Dawn Tulsi Das Ghat, Varanasi

  1. Love this sweet Soulbanana. Sending love – saw Wah at Chantlanta – we had a sweet reunion – keep these beautiful posts coming! So glad you are having such a meaningful visit. lots of love, C

  2. Nancy

    Lynn, I am so enjoying your beautiful posts. Thank you for writing them. Truly, you’re an artist. Sending love to you on your journey.

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