Surya temple, Varanasi

This sacred site is one of many along the Ghats. High atop the steps is this temple of the sun, one of 12 around India. Each temple is built according to a certain aspect of the sun’s astrological position at different times of day. At the bottom of these steps is a clear pool, pure water from a well. It is another place that people come for blessings and to bathe in the ritual way I described in the previous post.

On the steep steps leading to the pool, these women were coming for a blessing. (Imagine how different this picture would be if they all had on jeans and teeshirts)! That keeps coming to mind here for me because most women dress so gracefully, colorfully and modestly, either in saris or pants and long tops called Punjabis. For men, similar shirts are called kurtas. Our guide took us (women and men) shopping on our first day in Delhi so that we could dress respectfully in the accepted cultural styles. I brought my bathing suit and cannot use it here in public!

Here I am near the Surya pool in my Punjabi, pants and shawl. Shiva is painted on the wall behind me sitting in the Himalayas.

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