More Sarnath Temples

This gate (to the white temple beyond) was next to the Japanese Temple. The sign was in Hindi, so I have no idea what belief system it represented.

There are several sacred sites for Tibetan Buddhism in Sarnath. This huge Stupa represents the connection between heaven and earth, to name just one of its symbolic meanings.

This is at the entrance to a big Tibetan Buddhist Temple nearby, but separate from the Stupa. This is about 12’ high and very detailed. Besides being very beautiful, it is a teaching tool for the all those who enter and especially for the little monks who reside there.

A ritual at the Tibetan Temple. It was pitch dark so I couldn’t seem to get a sharp photo.

This Buddha is about 10’ high. All around on the walls are enormous and beautiful mural sized paintings. This temple is in perfect condition compared to many of the Hindu temples that we saw. The devotional feeling in each temple seems to be unrelated to its state of repair.

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One thought on “More Sarnath Temples

  1. Thanks so much to each of you for your taking time to post your comments! It has been a challenge to get online and so I have not been able to respond until now. It has meant a lot to hear your thoughts about the pictures and texts! Thanks so much to Jillian Sweeney, Ned’s wonderful assistant for her help to make all it possible!! ~Lynn

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