Dawn Boat on the Ganges

We got up at 5am to walk about 5 minutes from our hotel to the water’s edge. This is the view that we saw as we walked towards a similar boat that would take us out on the river for sunrise and music.

These musicians played the tabla (drums) and the Santoor (like an American hammered dulcimer) for about an hour as we were rowed along the Ganges. It was magical.

As the boat pulled away from the shore, these women were making offerings to the Ganges. You can see the little flower boats with candles in the water. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Ganges itself is considered to be a Goddess, Ganga. Every aspect of daily life is infused with offerings to God. I will write more about this in later posts.

There are a lot of buildings painted pink in India. Some examples are in a previous post. This combination of pink towers and the reflections in the water are a delight to the eyes! The men wearing the orange clothes in the boat are monks who renounce many aspects of worldly life. More about that in the next post!

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One thought on “Dawn Boat on the Ganges

  1. the first image is so beautiful!

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