The image that I made is called Bird in Hand and is an original Encaustic, (wax medium). It is 8 x 10’.

As I write this entry, I am in New York recovering from flying home from Delhi, Thursday, March 22. In the chronology of the trip, my last entry (about Varanasi) represents about one week of our month’s stay in India!!

I plan to continue the story of our journey from home in NYC. It was not possible to keep current with my travel schedule and the blog posts because:

1. We were really busy enjoying ourselves and seeing so many new sights and then having to rest before the next day’s new experiences!!

2. Internet access was not as available as I had been informed that it would be! I got online there about once, sometimes twice a week. Thanks to Jillian Sweeney, who helped me with the posting from New York, or I would have not been able to do any posts from India.

I chose this image to depict the flight of imagination and literal exit from the India of Krishna’s blue hand into the unknown of who we would be when we arrived home!  We are still determining that as we recover from jetlag. I will write more when the story of the trip is completed. The next post will be about our transition from the city of Varanasi to Hardiwar.

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One thought on “Transitions

  1. Welcome home dear ones!! how are the kitties? I bet they are SO glad you are back – and so am I – can’t wait to meet up and hear all the details – your pictures have been wonderful – sounds like it was a fantastic trip! xoxo

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