Continuing the Pilgrimage (Varanasi)

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It was our constant reference once we purchased it from the author, who is in the next photo. It covers every aspect of Indian culture. Here is a quote: “ In the words of the geographer, Rana P. B. Singh, ‘…Pilgrimage is a journey across space, a journey into sacred time and through oneself, crossing the landscape of the soul; i.e. it is soul mapping. …The more a pilgrim’s consciousness is awakened, the more she/he transcends her/his own historicity.’ ” (p.224) Singh’s book is “Towards the Pilgrimage Archetype… “ both books are published by Indica Books, Varanasi.

Here is the author of “India From Within”,
Alvaro Enterria. His bookstore is a quiet oasis in Varanasi. He is also the publisher of Indica books. Purnima Zweers, our guide, is in this photo along with Adagre, one of our group “pilgrims”. Purnima is also a published author by Indica books. I highly recommend her book as well: “Spiritual Education”, published in 2002. You can find these books at

This is the street just across from the bookstore. Like everything else in India, it represents a chaotic extreme from the bookstore environment, which could be described as a peaceful “temple” of knowledge. Yet in this photo there is a beauty of the faces and fabrics and buildings in the distance. I like the row of bags hung up across the street.

This is an amazing shop where the sculptures are made on site. It is right across from our hotel, Temple on the Ganges.

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