Chanting at Tulsi Ghat

– After meditating in the morning at Sri Ma’s temple, we were so inspired. We brought our instruments to a balcony area at the Tulsi Ghat and sang for about an hour and a half in the morning sun. A surprising coincidence happened! A crew from a cable TV station who posts local news interviewed us and put us on the news that evening! We had to laugh! Chanting the mantras opens unexpected doors! (This photo is taken by Jolanda Piek).

Later in the morning, walking along the Ganges, I discovered this boat being decorated with fresh flowers for a celebration, orange marigolds. Their color and scent is in temples, and in flower offerings for the Ganges. They are used in many ways; for example, to sprinkle holy water onto altars and on the heads of people at the pujas (ceremonies).

Monks sitting in the shade, talking and looking out at the Ganges. I saw them just after I had been admiring the flower boat. Just looking at them now is a reminder to slow down and take a quiet moment.

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One thought on “Chanting at Tulsi Ghat

  1. I love that this moment was captured on local tv! wonderful!

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