Visit to Sri Anandamayi’s Ghat

This is Sri Sri Anandamayi Ma’s’s Ghat where she stayed while in Varanasi. This view is from the boat on the Ganges looking towards Varanasi. The open balcony on the upper left (with arches) is where we sat to hear the chanting and see the sunrise.

We got up early to go to hear the young girls chant at 7 am. They are students at Sri Ma’s Ashram and shrine. The shrine is enclosed on the balcony. The girls sit on the balcony floor to face the shrine and sing for about 30 minutes. They are approximately 7 – 12 years old. There were about 18 of them. This is the view from the balcony.

When Sri Ma rose in the early morning to pray, this is the view she would see from her bedroom. We were very fortunate to be allowed to enter and to sit in silent meditation in her bedroom. We could feel her presence. Her eyes, in the photograph placed on her bed, were very much alive. We did not take photos in that sacred space. In the next post, I will include photos of her. There is a beautiful and informative website about her:

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One thought on “Visit to Sri Anandamayi’s Ghat

  1. I drop into meditation just looking at these pictures – how was kirtan? xoxo

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