Hello and thank you for navigating to this page! I can give a history of my life here, but I much prefer to be discovered anew as I travel and write about India! so I will do both.  If you are reading this and don’t know me, I currently work as a 50/50 counselor which is a great honor. You can explore the source of this work at http://www.pathwork.org/ and also at http://www.the50-50work.com/ For most of my life I have worked as an painter in different mediums. You can see my art on my website: Lynnmargileth.com/  Education has also been a major focus. I have worked as a teacher, a staff developer and program director for the nonprofit organization, Studio in a School, in New York City. Look them up at studioinaschool.org/  They are such an inspiring organization. The art that the children create in the programs is skillful, uplifting, and joyous. Finally, the music that I have been making with my husband, Ned, in the past few years, is a deep source of inspiration for us. I mentioned our website in the first blog post. I would like to add here that the organization, Music for People, created by the cellist, David Darling, has been a profound influence on our music and we would not have made our cd without them! Learn more at musicforpeople.org/ Please share your thoughts with me as I add posts to the blog. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Julie

    This is such a pleasure just to look at. Blessings to you both on your journey. I will be checking in on your adventures. Much love.

  2. Very enjoyable to take a journey with you both through these photo places! There are so many levels going on at once in these places that you are visiting, with statues and paintings and bulidng structures and I get a little inside glow going on with the flower petal candles in the water…wonder-full!

  3. Amy Ernst sent the link, and I have been in many satsangs with you. How lovely that you are in India. May your inspiration and well being continue bountifully. i am leaving for the woods of Massachusetts Wednesday for a two week back to nature renewal, away from the city, the internet, the daily routine, and with dear old friends. i’ll look forward to more wonderful pictures from you when I return.

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